Since she was a teen, Natalie Bickert has been viewing the world through the eye of a photographic lens. She started out shooting photos for her High School yearbook. Having over 25 years of Photographic experience, ranging from Portrait to Commercial as well as retail and videography, she brings a myriad of photographic experience to A-1 Photographic Images. At only 17 years of age, she was hired and trained as a photographer for a local Portrait Studio. Later, her love for the field of photography prompted her to explore it even more and she was accepted into the N.A.I.T. Photographic Arts program. This is where she graduated two years later with her Photographic Arts Diploma. While attending N.A.I.T., she worked as a Portrait Photographer, a Studio Manager and a Sales Consultant. During the summer she was employed as a printer for the Government of Alberta, printing aerial photographs.

Upon her graduation, and due to her success in a company she had been employed by, she was promoted to District Manager of five portrait studios. She oversaw the operations of sales, staff, training (of photographers, sales consultants and studio managers), customer service and management of all of these studios. This was when she discovered her talents in coaching, as well as photography.

Now, she runs her own business where she has expanded her talents and experience, even more.

Some of Natalie’s experiences have included:

  • Sales of photographic equipment
  • Portrait consulting
  • Printing photographs
  • Commercial photography
  • Sports photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Graduation photography
  • School photography
  • Family photography
  • Team photography
  • Automotive photography
  • Passport photography
  • Pet photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Architectural photography
  • Magazine photography
  • Videography
  • Educating and training people in the field.

Besides Natalie's passion, education and experience, she is also very creative. She has enjoyed acting as a hobby. As a matter of fact, she was chosen to act in a couple of Feature Films, locally. Furthermore, Natalie loves many genres of dance and she has both competed in and taught dance. To add to her creativity, she has written poetry, an article for a magazine and is currently working on a script. Moreover, Natalie has won several Art Awards in High School. Mostly, she had loved to draw and paint animals and automobiles. She has always been passionate about pets and cars. This was apparent in her regular visits to pet stores, aquariums, pet shows, the SPCA, Car Shows, Car Museums and the like. These experiences have brought her to this point, the point at which she would like to explore her passions through her creativity in Auto Art and Petography.

All of this experience, education, coupled with Natalie’s passion and creativity is the driving force behind her business.


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